The top 5 facts about cosmetic facial acupuncture

With so many things stacked against us; busy lifestyles, sleep deprivation, nutritional deficiencies and/or chemicals in our food and environment, our skin is often the first organ in our body to respond and show signs of deterioration and premature aging.

For many, it’s tempting to seek for a ‘quick fix’ but of the plethora of options available on the market (Botox, fillers, lasers, blood facials etc.), do we really know what we’re getting and what they’re doing to our bodies in the long-term?

Outlined below is a quick guide to what you can expect from constitutional cosmetic acupuncture and the top five reasons you should consider it within your regular wellness program.

  1. Cosmetic acupuncture treats both the symptoms and underlying causes

Premature signs of aging such as fine lines, sagging facial skin or skin pigmentation can actually be visible manifestations of internal imbalances within the body, as well as reactions to the outside world.

Using specific Chinese Medicine acupuncture points to promote circulation within the meridians that connect to the face, and points to address a patient’s individual health condition, both the symptoms and the root of the problem can be addressed and balance restored.

  1. What the needles actually do

While the needles promote the flow of qi and blood, boosting microcirculation in the face, what’s going on is actually the stimulation and channelling of the body’s own healing energy to repair the skin.

Needling of the face stimulates the skin’s healing process, said to be triggered by the releases of energy (ATP) from fibroblasts that lie deep within the dermal layer of our skin, potentially increasing the production of new collagen and elastin1,2, helping the skin to regenerate itself.

  1. It’s actually relaxing

While the thought of needles in the face may be frightening to some, cosmetic acupuncture can be surprisingly relaxing.  We use the finest, super high-quality Japanese needles which are inserted at strategic points on the face and body, according to the individual health condition or area to be addressed.  The facial needles remain in the face for around 15 minutes, while the body points stay in longer.

A bonus to our treatments is that they include two nourishing and balancing face masks applied before and after the acupuncture, and gentle facial stroking using cooling jade rollers or a special jade ‘gua sha’ (light scraping) tool to complete treatment.  The end result is that you’ll leave not only looking radiant but feeling completely rested and relaxed.

  1. The benefits extend beyond mere youthful looks

By treating your individual constitutional imbalances, facial acupuncture can help with a range of conditions beyond firmer, plumper skin.  It may assist with:

  • Reducing oedema and puffiness beneath the eyes
  • Filling out sunken areas
  • Softening acne and other scarring
  • Balancing skin pigmentation
  • Improving dull, dry skin
  • Sinus congestion and headaches.
  1. A preventative approach means that it will take more than a ‘quick fix’

Cosmetic acupuncture supports all the functions of the skin and boosts the skin’s ability to regenerate itself.  For this reason, don’t expect an instant result like you may get with Western cosmetic treatments.

We usually recommend a course of facial acupuncture treatments, depending on the individual’s requirements.  As an example, a healthy person may show visible changes such as a reduction in fine lines after just 2-3 treatments while more complicated conditions may require a longer program.  A course of eight to ten weekly treatments is usually enough to achieve long-term results, ideally followed by a monthly or bi-monthly maintenance plan

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Unfortunately cosmetic acupuncture is not for everyone.  It is contraindicated for anyone with a cold or flu, an outbreak of cold sores, herpes or shingles, and for pregnant women (who glow naturally anyway!).

For anyone who has had recent cosmetic surgery, Botox, peels or fillers within the last three months, please discuss this with your Practitioner before booking as we don’t want to negate your significant investment!

Those with a history of autoimmune diseases, frequent headaches or migraines should also discuss their condition with their Practitioner before undertaking cosmetic acupuncture.

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2.Fung, C.W. (2009). Probing the mystery of Chinese medicine meridian channels with special emphasis on the connective tissue interstitial fluid system, mechanotransduction, cells durotaxis and mast cell degranulation. Chinese Medicine, 4:10.