Cosmetic Acupuncture

Premature signs of aging such as fine lines, sagging facial skin or skin pigmentation can actually be visible manifestations of internal imbalances within the body, as well as reactions to the environment.


Once internal causes that affect skins ageing are determined, tiny specialised acupuncture needles are painlessly inserted into the face and body to promote the flow of qi and blood boosting microcirculation and oxygen supply to the face. This process, triggered by the releases of energy (ATP) from fibroblasts that lie deep within the dermal layer of our skin, has the potential to increase the production of new collagen and elastin1,2, helping the skin to regenerate itself and produce a healthier, firmer complexion and texture.

Results after a treatment are usually visibly noticeable with patients presenting a vibrant, glowing and often plumped complexion.  The benefits of facial acupuncture however continue beyond the session when the skin and body has the time and space to repair and regenerate itself.  The results are accumulative, as the treatment remodels the structural collagen and elastin fibres of the skin, making it firmer and healthier. 


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